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The photos and thoughts of a mixed greens model. Specializing in Glamour, Art Nudes and Fashion Nudes. Dabbling in everything else.
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Hi and welcome New Followers!

—-Reposting this cause I got a bunch of new followers…welcome!————————

Welcome to my naked art space.

Here’s the deal:

-Don’t reblog my shit without the credits. Its disrespectful to both me and the photographer. 

-RESPECT ME.  This is big. I’m not here to help you add photos to your personal folder of wank material. I know that that is a possible (and honestly, likely) result of being naked on the internet, but that doesn’t mean that its why I’m here.  I’m a person.  I’m not just a face or boobs or a pussy or whatever else you think is awesome about my body. 

-I don’t make porn. I don’t have anything against porn. But I don’t do it. While some of my photos may be partially sexual in nature, sexual does not equal porn.  So you can just unfollow me now if you are expecting to see spread shots, girl on girl shots, girl on guy shots, insertion, masturbation, etc. I don’t do any of that. 

-My primary focus is the really artsy fartsy stuff. But I do enjoy doing some erotic/sexual work as well. 

-I have a zero tolerance policy for sexists, racists, homophobes, transphobes, and anybody else who is a douche.  I don’t even want to KNOW you if you are any of those things and have no desire to change. 

-If you send me multiple “fan mail” messages (no matter how respectful they are, no matter what the content is) I will probably think you are a creep and are going overboard. Just FYI. 

-If you would like to book me as a model, email me at: I am based in the DC area but I do travel from time to time. I work with photographers and artists of all skill levels, and my rates are negotiable. This is my full time job, its how I make a living.  So don’t ask me to work for free unless your work is so good it creates peace in the middle east. 


-I love sharing information on photographers who have flaked on me, not paid, cancelled last minute on me, etc. Ask me and I’ll tell you. 

-I am also very eager to share information on creepy photographers or photographers who go beyond creeping to actually raping/assaulting/other inappropriate actions. I have many names, just ask me for them.

Sorry to be such a negative Nancy. I want to reclaim this blog for myself and I felt it was necessary to say these things. 

See ya’ll around!

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